Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some of the BeSt and the WoRsE.

THE BEST....and it is now my "background picture" at home....the kids with Minnie Mouse prior to entering Hollywood Studios! Sunny, happy, lovely day!!! Ahhhhh!

Neither the best or the worse....just funny 3-D glasses as we wait to enter the Mickey 3-D Adventure show...which by the way was very cool!
The WORSE photo of salty ocean water....Here I just asked the boy..."What does the water taste like?" and he replied "YUK!" and then ran and said ..."I need a drink, I need a drink...." (which I too said periodically during the trip but for different reasons) ;-)
The BEST...Anakin look a like photo...(sorry it copied side ways?? No, time to fix it right now)...Owen totally enjoyed STAR TOURS at Hollywood Studios and the Training of Becoming a Jedi!! Too cool! May the Force be With you All!!
THE WORSE!! (and slightly most hilarious photo!) Universal Studios Adventure Islands at Harry Potter. Hubby and Coley (seated next to me) went on this simulator ride first...b/c I chickened out at the last minute and then Kenz came with me....every good chicken has a partner right? Well, after my mind took a backseat to reality and the JUST DO IT mantra hit me hard ~ we got in line again and DID IT! Yep, all 4 of us.....such a classic pic. I am trying not to puke by closing my mouth every so lovely (and barely opening my eyes) the girls BOTH happen to have their eyes closed at this moment and hubby looks like he just saw some one get chopped in half by a light saber (oh, wait that's a different park...haha!) Well, he looks scared any way.
We took a total of 126 pics...these are just the beginning....***and I know we are all savvy bloggers but, in case some one didn't know and wanted to see my puke mouth up close then you could click on the picture and it will be full size in seconds**


Michelle Dragoo said...

Oh this looks like SOOOO much fun! So glad you are having a nice time with your family!

Ali Mc said...

hahahah I love the saltwater "I need a drink" face :) you guys are the cutest family!

She did it and then I did it again.....

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