Friday, March 30, 2012

Leftovers = YUM (to me only)

The other day I had all this in my fridge....
spinach, Bush beans, garbanzo beans, sauer kraut, some chicken cut up and baked potatoes...I mixed it all together and then added some green olive juice from one of my olive jars....I may have even cut up a few olives but I don't remember. ;-) In to the microwave it went and 90 seconds satisfied tummy!

Then another day I had a recipe for Roasted Pepper and Corn sounds yummy doesn't it? Too bad I didn't make it. It called for peppers, small ear shaped pasta and an onion which I did not have so I improvised. Pasta became Quinoa. Roasted Peppers became sautéed mushrooms and the onion became kidney beans. Close right? I did have the avocado, corn and cilantro and had to substitute the fresh garlic for a roasted garlic salt thingy I had in my cupboard. Mix it all together and you get HEAVEN....or at least some thing that every body in heaven would love!

I made all necessary changes to the recipe...this one is a keeper for sure! Too bad the kids won't try picky they are. (And May the Force be with You this weekend....since that last comment sounded a bit Yoda like)

I work a lot on Saturday but have Sunday off and its suppose to be 79 degrees here...WOoHoo!!

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Michelle Dragoo said...

Both dishes look amazing!!! I love improvising!!! xoxo!