Thursday, March 29, 2012

Excuse me...Do you have my MoJo?

My MoJo has gone up and left.....

I have been putzing around the house today.

* washed some clothes and bedding
* kind of cleaned up the boys I can see PART of the floor any way. ;-) (He says he likes his legos out...easier to see what he wants to play with next time)

* made some banana/flaxseed/choc. chip/whey protein and kefir muffins ..with the traditional flour/eggs and sugar too of course.....not bad!
* made a salad which consisted of a mixed concoction of random stuff I had around the house....delicious...maybe a picture tomorrow if I am lucky (or would that be ~ If you are lucky? ~ Nor sure if that makes you lucky or unlucky....HA!)

* Went outside and picked up the doggie droppings that weren't eaten by Ms. Poop Eater herself.
* took a few more patio chairs out of the shed
* tried to dig up a dead mojo + kind of frozen ground = dead plant still in the ground.

* Came inside and started thinking about eating more muffins and salad....b/c my transition move between many activities often involves a thought about food and many times I actually act on it.....thus, the hips~butt and thighs I so love! ;-)

* And finally, I have decided and I knew it but actually confirmed it once again ....I AM A MORNING WORKOUT PERSON! I need that boost to get me going. I told the girls I would run with them after school and I need to find my MoJo or that run may be a walk! So my MoJo never really went any where.....I never really had it to start with today.

* From now on I will give so much more credit to afternoon and evening "work-out-ers" (Yes, that is a word....well, it is now....ha!) YOU Guys Rock!


Runner Maybe said...

I long to be a morning workout person - it does make my day go better. I just suck at waking up - especially this week.

Michelle Dragoo said...

I LOATH the mornings...always have. Don't talk to me until around 9 am, 10 if you really want a "pleasant" response, LOL! I do most everything in the evenings, to include working out! I envy morning people! <3

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