Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doing this thing called "running!"

I must say I always thought of runners as majorly fit, thin, muscular, and fast!

Since last year and my attempt at running to get fit and healthier I am beginning to look at running in a whole new perspective.

1. You don't have to be thin to do it...who knew? What a great thing that is!

2. Being muscular does help. I know my butt jiggled a lot less last summer when I was lifting weights at least twice a week. Doing squats with 100 pounds barbells (*wink*wink) really helps! However, since my rotator injury I have shied away from weights for a while and took up cycling. I am thinking cycling works like knees feel a lot better while running and after running. Cycling seems to have strengthened my knees and the muscles around that otherwise, fatty area. (Gawd, I hate my calves....yea, really any thing below my belly button!)

3. You don't have to be FAST! Yes, the rabbit is fun to watch....but, the turtle is doing it with her house on her back! With those 4 stubby step at a time! I often feel like I am carrying a lot on my back ( my head...but its heavy and weighs me down just the same). And as I said earlier my "stubby legs" are moving one step at a time and I am getting it done....slower than the rabbit YES ~ but better than the couch potato.

So today, I needed to do 8 MILES. It kind of scared me to be honest. I did 7 last week but, it sucked. The week before I wanted to do 7 and could only get 6 in. "How am I going to do 8?"

Just like the turtle....ONE STEP AT A TIME! (And with a little help from my taped American Idol boys and girls performances from the past two nights) ;-)

It was slow but, I felt good. Speed will come...for now I am about distance.

Have a Great Thursday!


Taryn said...

Great points, and awesome run! You are is just one step at a time! :)

Michelle Dragoo said...

LOVE your points! They are so true....and what a great run you had!!!! XOXO!!

Jen said...

You can do it, I find that once I pass 3-4 miles my legs are ready to go. The first few are tough, the last few feel great. Just think of your 8 miler, as running 2 mile warm up - a 5 miler, and a 1 mile cool down. It is a training run so don't kill yourself on it, but kill the run instead.

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