Thursday, March 22, 2012

Books I am reading...

I purchased The Eat Clean DIET "Recharged"! about a year ago. I flipped through the pages, highlighted some and scanned the recipes. For about a month I thought about eating better and then the book collected some slight dust on the shelf.

Until last week.

(My sister whom I went to Disney with started the Atkins diet....she talked about low carbs and no sugar while in made me think of the book again.)
Now that we are home and I am in the routine of life once again I opened the book and REALLY READ it. I even put sticky notes in some pages that I want to refer to ... that means I mean business right? ;-) I found so much that makes sense. I really am trying to eat better and have less sugar in my diet. (I can't say I will have no sugar...b/c I LOVE my SWEETS...but I am better)

I will keep ya posted on how I am doing as the days ...its been 3...turn into weeks.

On another note:
I started reading this book yesterday. I have about 20 pages left. It's amazingly good. I love books that get me hooked right away and then move quickly and keep me intrigued. It tells the story of what Lithuanians may have been feeling when Stalin and the Soviets took over their country. Stalin wanted to wipe out their lineage the way Hitler wanted to with the Jewish people. It's moving. Sad.

It really makes me look at our life here in America, here in MN and here in my little house. How lucky I/we are. How fortunate we are....and actually how spoiled we are. We take so much for granted and I feel we aren't nearly as thankful for ALL we have as we should be.

Maybe you want to be moved the book. Or, if you want to EAT healthier read Tosca's book how to change what we put in our bodies.

Good Luck!

(It's raining right now...I so wanted to run outside....I may finish my book and see if the rain stops otherwise, treadmill here I come)


Taryn said...

Nice book recommendation...I may have to check it definitely is a topic I would be interested it, and it sounds so moving!

Michelle Dragoo said...

It's pouring here so I wasn't able to run either...
Love your attitude, and thanks for the book idea. I will have to check both out!

Ali Mc said...

hopefully you can tell me all you learn from that book - I want to jump on the healthy train, but I find healthy people snobbish :P and that's just not me! lol