Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blah, blah, blah...that is how the run went....

To Do: RUN 10 miles!

Last week consisted of this:

Sunday RAN 7.2 miles ~ good
Monday cycle ~ good
Tuesday back to Body Pump ~ good
Wednesday cyce ~ ok ~ legs kind of sore from squats and lunges
Thursday Body Pump ~ good ~ so good I later RAN 6.2 miles(Virtual Race) ~ felt great!
Saturday.................10 mile run..............or it was suppose to be.


My legs laughed at me BIGTIME after about 5 miles! And they kept laughing until all 10 were done. However, they laughed SO much that after 5.5 miles I had to quads and hamstrings were killing me. My breathing felt OK. (Sure I wished I had brought some water with me b/c we forgot the water fountains had not been turned on yet....the early thaw and lovely weather brought out a lot of runners and walkers but no water or "regular" bathrooms were available)

So the last leg I walked and ran and walked and ran. The whole time thinking I just did this 10 miler 5 months ago and was fine. Where did I go wrong? I thought I could do it and was ready for it. My attitude nose dived and I was pretty upset with myself. Needless to say it was a quiet ride home. ;-(

I guess the week of finally going back to Body Pump...weights...squats...etc...did more to my muscles than I realized it would. Time to reevaluate THIS week's plan of weights, cycle and running. I need/have to do 11 miles next Saturday and I want to run it all this time.

Any suggestions?


Michelle Dragoo said...

Body Pump, P90X and other work outs like that are too hard on a training runner's legs. I was advised to take a break from those types of work outs because they wear you out before you even go on a long run. Possibly do Body pump farther out from your long run!

Jen said...

Maybe 2 of rest before a long run, instead of the second body pump - maybe a spin class or something less taxing on your legs.

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