Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Recap...

First of all, this is Jackie Robinson. The main reason it takes forever to accomplish any thing on the computer!

(I told them if I didn't live through turning 43 it could be the main poster used at my funeral) I funeral posters yet.

(professional photographer took this photo....can't ya tell?)

~little blurry
~faces covered nicely
~good shot of chinese food boxes

At my parents house....holding the "special for TODAY plate"
(That's right only one day of "specialness" ... take advantage of it!)

She made me my favorite cake...German Chocolate!

My parents...who spoil their children, grandchildren and son in laws to the nth degree! ;-)

Me: Kids just TRY to fake a smile k?

Kenzie: Only if I can pretend to be holding a gun.

Me: Look I painted my nails! ;-)

Me: Gawd, I love these kids....
Kids: Seriously MOM! Are we done yet?

WooHoo the whole family in a pic.....

ME: Frances look at the camera....OK, I will help you even if I have to smoosh your poop eating mouth forward.

Boy, what can I say I really thought I had more pictures of the 50th birthday party too but, now that I remember I took those pics with my sisters camera! HA! You can imagine the scene I am sure.....a lot of people, his family at one table talking, my sisters family at another, work friends in the kitchen mingling, and the childhood friends looking at each other trying to figure out an escape route. (Bwahahaha!!!)

It really wasn't like that....after a few beers everyone was dancing on the tables and putting dollars down there pants.....hahahah!

It really wasn't like that either....

It was fun. There were some different groups but, they did mingle and acted like well mannered adults. The party started around 5:30 and I was in bed by 10:30...actually exhausted. My head cold and the early morning drive put me down and out earlier than I expected but it was OK.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day....we don't celebrate much around about you?


Losing Lindy said...

I love the pictures!

I am afraid V might be coming down with something. So today might be a bust.

Taryn said...

I love the pics of the family! And yay for chinese food don't see those very often now!

Ali Mc said...

The family pics are so cute! you all look great!!!!

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