Tuesday, February 21, 2012

They say its all about perspective.....I now agree.

I have been my usual MN blah crabby girl lately.

Is it the lack of sunshine? The fact that even though it is one of the warmest winters in history we still cannot go out side with out a coat/ gloves/ and maybe ear warmers. (At least not out for a run any way with out being dressed appropriately)

Is it that my body is changing? Am I beginning the phases of pre-menapause? Hormones have been out of control lately. And, after my rotator cuff had been feeling soooo good (post cortisone shot) I attempted some push ups on Saturday. I did 8! It felt OK...by Sunday and still today..it has been sore. The same exact pain is back. I have been icing a lot more and regularly taking Ibuprofen.

And of course, I was 7 pounds lighter back in October when I ran my half marathon. Now, I admit I have eaten a lot (really A LOT) lately and I am exercising but those 7 pounds are not leaving.

The pants are a tad tighter although they do still fit. The scale moves slightly one day and then right back the next.

So......last night I was in bed icing and channel surfing. (I rarely watch TV but what can I say I was in a mood ;-) I caught MY 600 POUND LIFE!


What an eye opener.

The woman they were highlighting and videoing through her situation/life and then her gastric bypass surgery ended up dying 2 weeks after the surgery. I think she was 28. A mother with a teenager and one younger. How depressing, sad, unfortunate, and thought provoking.

At what point do we have to get to ~ to know when enough is enough?! 7 pounds over weight? 10~30~ 50~ 100~ or 350? It's crazy what we are doing to our bodies and our minds. I am thrilled I was able to run 4 miles tonight. I am thrilled I can get myself out of my bed in the morning. I am excited I get to leave my house every day...as often as I want to ...rather than be stuck in my bed, in my room, or in my house for 3 years!!

Our church season of Lent starts tomorrow....I am going to spend a little more time reading the Bible and thinking about what's really important and hopefully get a new perspective on a few things. ;-)


Michelle Dragoo said...

I am in the same battle...pre-menopause is hard....xoxo

Losing Lindy said...

I agree, it is sooo hard. I think my hair is thinning, and it is hard to accept that I can't have more kids. this huts me to say. If I could afford to, I would have at least 2 more. ;(

I have been crying, it is a rough night, so please understand I wish I could make this between us, but I am heading to bed. I will be back to give more positive input.

Ali Mc said...

That is amazing - I mean I know it sucks but I would LOVE to never get my period again!!!! but Lindy I would like to say that the ONLY reason Colin and I only have Logan is b/c we can't afford another kid :(

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