Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tagged...and 11 Randoms!

Oh, why not!

I some times enjoy reading other random things about people.

I some times enjoy writing random things about ME!

So, when another blogger picked ME to tag I figured ....why not?! I am kind of I can share my boring self with others now....Oh, let the fun begin!!

Here are your 11 Questions:
  1. Favorite Color? Green
  2. If you had to give up one food for the rest of your life what would it be? plain Greek Yogurt
  3. What kind of car do you drive? Honda Odyssey
  4. Coffee, Tea, or neither? Coffee with sugar and skim milk
  5. Favorite Season? sorry don't have one...spring, summer and fall all tie!
  6. Brag about yourself what is your favorite feature about yourself? I think I have a longish torso so I guess I like that. ;-)
  7. Ladybugs or bumblebees? ladybugs
  8. Breakfast foods - are you a bacon and eggs person, or pancakes kid of person? I would put peanut butter on my pancake and an egg on top of that with a splash of syrup and flaxseed....yum right?
  9. What age did you go through your awkward phase? still kind of in it..ha!
  10. If you could be one person, for 24 hours who would you want to be? some one with lots of money and then I would give it away to those people who I know could REALLY use it.
  11. Toilet Paper over or under? Seriously! Does it matter as long as its on the roller? I just want them to put it on ...I don't care which way....
There you 11 Random things about ME....(if the above isn't enough already)

1. February is my birthday month.....
2. Believe it or not....its on the 11th! Coincidence? ;-)
3. I really do enjoy wearing make up but I hate taking it off at night so I often go with out during the day so I can skip that step and jump in bed quicker.
4. I am a morning person for sure!!! Up at 5AM and to bed by 9PM would be my ideal schedule.
5. I LOVE my sweets!!
6. Favorite treat is any thing mixed with ice cream
7. I would rather stay home during the winter months than go out period. (Yea...bit like a bear....I hibernate!)
8. I prefer quiet to any random talking or music.
9. I mix left overs and food together all the time....another words I eat stuff my kids would never touch and some times think I am nuts for eating.
10. I got a tattoo when I turned 40, ran my first half marathon at 42, and am looking forward to what the future holds.

Well, if you finished reading all the way know more than you ever needed to's 8:26PM...time to get ready for bed...and no, I am not wearing any makeup! ;-)


Losing Lindy said...

hahaha I don't wear makeup either..I end up smearing it all over..

I am a morning person, but still prefer to sleep in. I rarely get much accomplished after 2pm

Ali Mc said...

I wear make up but never when I'm at home. I actually HAVE to for work - can you believe it!

mmmmice cream

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