Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skiing 101.....

So last night I went skiing
(for free
...always nice to note)

I am not a "skier" like most.

I have never had a lesson.

I haven't skied in 2 years and prior to that it had been about 20 years.
Let's just say I consider it a good night of skiing
when I leave upright and not being hauled out in
a sled by the ski patrol!

Since I didn't bring my camera this is my
best drawing of last night's action.

Most kids and adults look like the above skier.
Smiling, having fun, upright, skies straight and together.
Swooshing back and forth down the hill a graceful ice skater...

This however, is NOT
how I looked!!

I look more like the girl below:

Check out her skies!
The good ol'fashion snow plow is my best friend.

The crazed open mouth look is

It only gets worse when I happen to be
"happily snowplowing"
down the hill and to my surprise my 12 year old
daughter ends up going over me
while sitting in the chair lift
with her friends and yells:
...and I quote...
"Mom, you are doing it all wrong!"
End quote.

To which I thought to myself...
"it can't be wrong if I haven't fallen yet"
however, by the time I went down once more ....
the front of my skies crossed
down I went!!

No broken bones, just chilled and cold, time to go home...
I totally thought it was an awesome night.
Hey....I left on my own two feet....
some are not as fortunate to say that!


Jessica said...

We just got back from a Ski trip - we went for our honeymoon. I was AWFUL at first because my Husband (after I had taken only one hour of ski instruction) accidentally took me up a lift to a green run (read: didn't do any bunny slopes) that split into a blue. So I basically skied a blue after only an hour of skiing. ever. It was AWFUL, I fell a lot. I did get better though once we did things in the right order and it was a lot of fun.

Ali Mc said...

hahahaa I love your drawings. I've done that before.....substituted drawings for pics :) it's classic. I haven't been skiing in years. I've never been good at it. my hubby however, loves snow boarding

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