Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Week!

Normally I let my birthday go....really just another day with a little celebration.

This year....every one has been talking about going to Detroit Lakes to celebrate a certain 50th year olds birthday. I too can't wait....we always have fun at Fagerlie's household.

However, lets not forget Big Mama! My day is next Saturday too...and I am not going to say a word about it on HIS day to celebrate 50....but these next 6 days....leading up to my DAY....

lets just say...

I would like to "feel some LOVE" family!

I am ME!


The one who remembers your water bottle and shoes when you go off to school with out them.

The one who finds your wallet after "you've searched the entire house".

The one who finds your Nintendo after you say...."I have looked every where and its just not in this house...I probably LOST IT FOREVER!!!" (nope, I found it! ;-)

The one who puts the toilet paper roll on the dispenser.

The one who reminds you that church is important and you will thank me for that some day I have a feeling.

The one who rubs your back at night.

The one who you want to sleep with whenever dad has a late meeting.

And YES....the one who makes you shut off the TV, brush your teeth, do your homework, eat your fruits, drink your milk, wear your rubber bands, clean your room, pick up your dirty socks, take a shower, get off the computer, read your books and pick up poop outside or clean out the litter box! Whew! You have been busy!

I guess I am the one who LOVES you! Do you feel blessed? ;-)


Ali Mc said...

awww moms are awesome aren't they :) I hope I can live up to all that stuff you do for your kids :)

have a great Saturday!!!!

Michelle Dragoo said...

Being a Mom is one of the most important jobs out there! New here, and enjoying your posts!
Have a blessed day!

Ali Mc said...

I totally agree and thanks Michelle :)

Ali Mc said...

Oh and I meant - thanks Kathy - for posting....thanks Michelle for confirming motherhood is awesome ;) hahah

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