Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last night of skiing...

These are my girls. Love them. Coley is on the left and Kenzie on the right. The question we often hear from others is....."Are you guys twins?"......So what do you think?

This was taken in the chalet in front of the fireplace before we checked out the boots and skis. Kenzie is the one I will have to worry about in the future for being caught for too much PDA. She wants to hug and be close to you all the time. Coley on the other hand is just as lovable but isn't about to "show it" as easily. (I am more like Cole most of the time)

Before I took the photo I had to almost "order" Cole to get close to her sister. (that gets a tad frustrating but its simply her thing) ;-)
note: closed hands...not going to accidentally touch sister at all!

Kenz adjusting boots....when asked to smile...she quickly looked and gave me a big one.

Cole putting on took 3 photos and a sigh before we got this one...making sure nobody else was watching as she smiled and I snapped the pic.

Kenz with helmet and skis on and ready to hit the slopes. ;-) She is our bomber....look out if you are in front of her and if she all of a sudden can't stop....down ya go!

Our cautious and "follow the rules" gal. Helmet on...skis almost. She has taken every instruction from the instructors into her brain and practiced each to a tee. She goes back and forth effortlessly and has learned a lot this session. Sure Kenze could go up and down the chair lift twice in the length of time it takes Cole to get down the hill for the first time but, they are just two different girls with two different personalities and two of my favorite people in the world!!

I remind myself how thankful I am for my girls (and my boy) every day!!

p.s. They are NOT fact Coley is 2 years and 3 months older than Kenzie.


Losing Lindy said...

beautiful girls!

engums said...

Cute Pictures. Kenzie you are growing into such a beautiful girl, not that you were not before. Just taking on an older look!! Nicole you are as cute as ever!!! Have fun on vacation.

Caroline said...

thank you for stopping by my blog today!
you have beautiful daughters...I love love love their hair color!
my older son has strawberry blond hair and I love the red in it!

Ali Mc said...

your girls are beautiful!!!!!! and I love the chalet pics :D

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