Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm not feeling it....but, then I did!

6 miles are on the calendar for today.

Yesterday I came down with a sore throat/slight tummy ache/ and sinus congestion/head ache.

I swallowed sinus meds, sucked many a throat lozenge, and took it easy .....that was yesterday.

Today my little boy is complaining of being tired and having a head ache with a touch of the runs...(TMI? sorry ;-) He is home....I am procrastinating my treadmill 6....and truly hoping we all feel GREAT by tomorrow.

We have a BIG weekend of PARTYING with the relatives....we CANNOT FEEL BOGGED DOWN BY THIS YUK!

******6 miles done! Yes, they were 11.2 minutes per mile but I am so thrilled I did it...the CRUD has no power over me! HA! HA!HA!******


Ali Mc said...

I'd rest - stay home and get better....especially if you guys have a big weekend planned. Hope you feel better. Being sick is just awful xo

Losing Lindy said...

The rotovirus is going around..runs and puking at the same time.

engums said...

Ethan has been home all week the same stuff, he also has a fever!! Hoping everbody fells better by the weekend.

engums said...

oops feels!! :)

HelenBlog said...

wow.well...Posts attractive =))

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