Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The "Dog Whisperer" would be proud

*sorry longish post ahead*

This is Frances. Our soon to be 2 yr. old Mutt.
She was a rescue from a Kansas high kill shelter. I am thrilled knowing she was not killed and we are giving her a wonderful home but I am NOT thrilled with the fact that ever since she was about 6 months old she has had a LOVE affair with her POOP!

From what we can tell it doesn't matter if its soft or frozen.
It doesn't matter how it smells.
It doesn't matter if its sprinkled with cayenne pepper..
"Mmmm, spicey...thanks!"
She loves it.
We think ...

She has a couple of other little problems being the lawn mower (I will deal with that this spring/summer) and the other more recent issue...our vacuum.
Just as with her lawn mower issues, she has started to bark and "kind of attack" the vacuum once I turn it on. So what shall we do? I turned on Caesar Milan aka..."The Dog Whisperer" (DW) the other day and my .......
*spirits were lifted* ....
they highlighted a dog that went freakin' nuts with their mower too!!

DW eventually tied the dog to the handle of the mower and made the dog walk right with the owner as she mowed the lawn! GENIUS! I am thinking!!
The dog got desensitized to the noise and the object itself and didn't care a thing about it after the "job" of mowing was done. AMAZING.

(If it worked that slick I must try it with my vacuum!)
I have no before pics b/c she wouldn't sit long enough w/out barking and jumping around to snap a half way decent photo. But, I leashed her around my waist so she had to vacuum the entire first floor with me. Right along side the vacuum and all its sucking power!
(I should have had hubby video it but, I didn't ....she pulled and pulled to get away. No barking. Just wanted to be done. Me too waist was hurting by the end...but..............)

The next time I got the vacuum out (a couple of days later) I could actually get her to COME and STAY to sit by it for a picture! This would NOT have happened just days before.

Then, as I came around a corner I was shocked to find her here.
as I was just in the other room vacuuming away.

Because she was so well behaved I thought she deserved a treat.
But, I truly wanted to test her love of her treat.
Would she take it off the vacuum?
I wasn't sure she would get THAT close but, ......


I am so excited that I can't wait til spring and to mow the lawn with her.

Now, if I can just figure out a way to have her STOP eating her poo!


On another note....these were delivered to me yesterday!!!
Thanks mom and dad for starting the birthday "adoration" a few days early.

Love them!


Losing Lindy said...

wow..I kind of wish there was video ;)

Ali Mc said...

awwww happy early birthday and I am so excited :)

I love the DW and use all of his practices with rex. People actually think I dont like dogs at first b/c I do the whole "no touch, no talk, no eye contact" but I love dogs, just got a whole lot smarter about interacting with them....and the rewards are numerous. glad it worked!!

Michelle Dragoo said...

What an adorable dog, (and story!), and a very happy early birthday to you!!!

Raymond A. Brown said...

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