Sunday, February 26, 2012

9 days!

Does any one else countdown vacations the way we have around here? This year?

Why are we so excited?

1. We have never taken an official spring break type of vacation before.
2. This will be our families 2nd time on a plane together...the first about 3 years ago was a short smooth flight to hoping this one to FL is the same.
3. We have never been to FLORIDA!
4. Thus, we have never been to Disney!...(43...never been and getting excited)
5. I hear its warm!! Sunny!! (Not 29 and cloudy/windy/cold!)
6. No school for the kids.
7. No work for me or hubby.
8. NO daily grind of routine homework, baths, snacks, "what's for breakfast?", laundry, dust, vacuum, "what's for supper?", picking of after the 3 animals. (get the picture?) ;-) and then doing it all again!

I am going to really try to enjoy myself on this vacation rather than my normal....watching every dollar being spent, keeping the kids away from the TV (I think the Disney parks and ocean will be enough of a deterrent there), and reminding them to "Think about how they are going to spend there personal "fun" money" . I guess its there may save it til the last day, one may spend it all on candy at the Harry Potter candy shop, and one may spend half the first day and save the rest for when HE gets home to buy skylander stuff? If you know know which will do what. ;-)

I hope they spend wisely but if its gone in the first day at the first park ... so be it! ;-) (Then I don't have to worry about them losing their "fun money" right? ha!)

I will have plenty of time to clean and worry about the money when we get back! HAHAHA!!


Taryn said...

This sounds like it will be so exciting and fun!!!!

Michelle Dragoo said...

oh this just sounds devine!!!! Have a wonderful time!!

Ali Mc said...

YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!!!!!! I can't wait :)

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