Sunday, February 19, 2012

4 miles today....

I was suppose to do 7 miles yesterday.

My excuses why I only did 6.....

1. I wanted to try out a new Y. It ended up being about 7 miles farther than I thought it was.
2. Yesterday just happened to be the day the Y and the church next door were hosting a Women's Expo. Really?! Today? The parking was horrible....I drove around and around for about 10 minutes before I finally followed a guy to his car and I was the first one there so I GOT HIS SPOT!
3. I am now about 20 minutes behind schedule.
4. The first 3 miles were really slow.....I was getting awful shin splints!! Don't know why?!
5. Bathroom break.....
6. Back on it....shin splints are gone....I am ready but, I realize the time is ticking and I need to get home, shower, and get to work by 1PM.
7. I can only do order to accomplish all the stuff in #6. ;-)

8. Bummed b/c I was finally "in the zone" but I will add another mile on to today's run to make up for it.

Today was scheduled for an EZ it will be an EZ 4 after work.

Hopefully, no shin splints and I will hit "the zone" today too. ;-)


Losing Lindy said...

I was hoping to get in 5, but ran around shopping instead. So..nothing :( and I hurt everywhere, hopefully not getting sick

Michelle Dragoo said...

May need new shoes if you are getting shin splints! Great job getting out there!!!