Thursday, January 5, 2012

Read and clicking on the word "video" in the last paragraph.

I am a perfect example as to why
no one should ever
consider suicide.
(OK..don't freak out....
I wasn't even thinking about it personally but...)

I know what its like to be sad, down, and a little depressed.
I may think some times that.....
"Life would be so easy if I just didn't have to deal
with this stress RIGHT NOW!"

So, yesterday I got a little down. And (I will admit) I think the monthly hormones played a small part in the scenario too. If you ask hubby, my close friends, and even some family members they will tell you I am "frugal with my money" aka "cheap" times...I do not like debt!! Period.

With that said, Christmas tends to add a little extra to the credit card. No biggie we can pay it off in a month.....then the thought of our first family trip to Florida in March weighs kind of heavy on my brain....that will be paid off in a couple of extra months....but, add an unexpected ($4000) van expensive to the POT and I kind of had a break down. ;-(

That was yesterday.....I was a little emotional basket case. Come on don't we all get like that now and then? (Don't tell me if you don't..ha!)

This is today.....I pulled on my BIG girl panties (b/c they really are that these days) and I logged into Facebook. Doesn't Facebook cheer everyone up?

It didn't cheer me up made me so sad....even more sad then a $4000 van repair. I watched a video about this 16 year from a town near by who was playing a high school hockey game and was unfortunately "checked from behind". It's not allowed in the game. If kids do it they get a 3-minute penalty I suppose. Well, the boy who was checked fell.....and never got back up.

Look at this video if you want to change how you are feeling right now and look at your life or what ever you are going through in new perspective. Prayers for him and his family.


Losing Lindy said...

I don't see the video link. I wouldn't probably watch it anyway.

I hate money. I try to be frugal..and these days even more so.

KJ said...
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KJ said...

yep...on my computer the word was showing pink but when I went on hubbies laptop it didn't carry over that's a touching video if you want to see it. ;-)

She did it and then I did it again.....

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