Friday, January 20, 2012

just because I want to....

My Questions : From another blog I read and I did not have to answer but I wanted to any way...

1. What is your favourite pair of non-running shoes? summer slip-ons for sure!
2. What are you wearing right now? black pants...turquoise shirt...grey tank under...major comfy.
3. What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? Buy a new car!
4. Are you named after anyone/anything? Not that I can remember...
5. What is worse – being too cold, or being too hot? So EASY....Much worse being too cold!!!
6. What is hanging on your walls at home? The kids' art.
7. What is the last thing that you took a picture of? LOL! My hubby's knees after he fell off the treadmill at my Y!
8. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone? Hubby
9. Where did you go on vacation as a child? LOL! (again) Fargo, ND...we lived an hour away and that was our vacation....staying over one night at a hotel was our get away!
10. What is your favourite TV show? American Idol
11. How many pieces of jewelry do you wear regularly? Earrings, 3-4 rings (all related to wedding rings) and I must wear a watch or I feel naked.

****It's Friday and we are meeting friends for supper at a new restaurant!! YEA! So excited and so need to get out with adults!!!***** Have a great weekend! ;-)

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Losing Lindy said...

Fargo ND was your vacation spot..that is funny...I am from SD.

How have you been spending your time???

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