Thursday, December 29, 2011

New ~ is Rebuilt ~

Yes...our van is getting a facelift this weekend....just a simple little
gift to thank her for being such a lovely 4-wheeled thing.


!. For starting at 5:20 am when I want to get to the Y.
2. Cooling off myself and the family when we are really HOT in August.
3. Heating up and actually bringing life back to my finger tips on the bitter cold days of January.
4. Getting me to Target, work, friends house, and DL when I want to get there.

and for being thankful it didn't leave me stranded on the highway at night....but, for giving me signals that the transmission was about to go .... in advance so I could make the appointment and give her a little spa treatment of her own.

Bummer its one expensive face lift/spa day......roughly $3200. Ouch!

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