Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

Our greenish/brown MN Christmas!
I Do NOT mind this look at all.
No snow means, no shoveling, no accidents, less falls,
less stress, and less mess! ;-)

We were planning a semi-quiet weekend around, chowder, and a movie (White Christmas) for the Eve events. Sunday, Christmas Day, much like the Eve.....opening presents, caramel rolls, hanging out in jammies most of the morning and then......

All the kiddos used their own money and bought presents
for their siblings. Above were the gifts from Owen
to his sisters. How about that note?
(written on his own)
They BOTH gave him hugs and loved his gifts!

The basement race track.
Hubby titled it the
"Little Debbie Christmas Race"
(little debbie treats going to all participants of course)

What did we want to do Sunday after our comfy jammie time was up????

We googled our options...
Skiing...for a family of 5 would cost of about $250
Bowling....for a family of 5 would be about $70
Skateville...Roller skating that is...for the 5 of us about $40
and then we thought about ice skating ...outside and FREE! ;-)

It's a cool 40 degrees here today, it would be a perfect day for it. We have skates...we checked into the rink situation. The one we usually visit has an outdoor skating rink for little ones and a hockey rink for the "real" players and advanced skaters. We would fall into the outdoor rink....IT unfortunately was not skate ready. It was kind of melty, muddy, ice. The hockey rink had die hard students in a heated hockey game. Ice skating was out!

Next agreed upon activity....Rollerskating! The website said they would be open Dec. 25th from 12-4PM. We got there around 12:20 and it was closed! What's up with that? Go figure an error on a computer website. ha! (Safe to say we ALL were a little bummed...)

Bowling! By now its 1 PM...there were about 5-6 lanes already taken but we were ready to velcro up our bowling shoes and go to town. ;-) 2 hours of family fun later we were hungry and heading for home for a late lunch/early supper. YUM! I am loving left overs today...salmon chowder, ham, caramel rolls, cup cakes (for Jesus's birthday party of course!) and any other left over cookies. Just roll me off the chair please....right over to the computer chair ...where I am still stuck. ha!

Ever since I cut up onions yesterday my eye has been bugging me.
Kind of weird watering like...
plus, the wine I have been drinking hasn't helped my tired look.
Oh, and the pants are tight again...
I have gained the 8 pounds of Christmas weight...and I could just go on and on
but, I think I will be heading to WW soon instead.

Coley sporting her new Christmas knee highs while bowling.

Speaking of bowling....I don't mean to brag but I did happen to have the high game today...187!! Yep, 5 strikes in a row! Pure luck but, I am taking it!


Julie said...

Sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. If the weather stays this nice bring your skates and we'll show you a real hockey rink! See you soon!

Losing Lindy said...

Do you groupon? I buy them and use them on special occasions. We are heading to a water park this week at a local hotel.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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