Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread train...YUM!

Peeking in and waiting patiently

The beginning.
Icing and some m&m's.
Ready to do some squeezing..
They all loved the baggies with frosting..
Coley had the engine...
Kenzie did the first car...
Owen brought up the rear or caboose I guess. ;-)

His had trouble standing up by itself.
I am pretty sure it had some thing to do with
the overload of candies and Reese's pb cups.
(Just saying..)

They didn't last long.....they were delicious....
and we all enjoyed feasting on their creations.

Not sure if the Cake Boss has to be worried about any of
my kiddos taking over his job but, we sure had
fun decorating and eating.

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