Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4th

Big day today!!!!

Today is church and then almost immediately off to the Y! Why?

Today is ..."Spin your Wheels for Heather"!!

One of our cycle instructors was diagnosed with Stage 2 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is about 35 years YOUNG, has a great hubby and THREE young boys. She is a fighter and determined to kick this cancer in the butt. Although, along the way there are always road is really smooth these days...right?

Today a BUNCH of her friends, family and others will be cycling to raise money for some unexpectedly bills that every family encounters while going through some unexpected times...
I am biking from 1-2 then a quick shower and I have to work from 3-6. Should be a wonderfully, powerful afternoon of perspective changing events.

Have a great Sunday....oh, and by the way it DID snow all afternoon yesterday ....snow plows have been out and its a winter wonderland around here now. ;-)

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