Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3rd

What are we doing today?

Hubby...Ran 4 miles this morning. He looked over Dave's Eulogy read and edited it a bit and is now setting up the "seasonal" race track downstairs.

C....has been helping hubby with the track. She took the dog for a walk....and most importantly finished her homework.

K.....had 2.5 hours of Christmas program practice this morning at church. (She said she rocked but could be a little louder ;-) Now she is finishing her homework and looking forward to watching a Christmas movie later tonight with the family.

O....was with K this morning at Church practicing his lines. (He has a duet with another girl but she was gone this morning so he had to go s.o.l.o. he said he rocked it out ;-) Can't wait to see and hear the program next weekend. He read for a while and is now packing his bag for his birthday party sleep over that he is going to in a few hours. (Should be quiet around here tonight) ha!

Last but not least.....Frances....she had a couple of bark sessions outside. Happened to be in the right place at the right time and got in on a fresh sugar cookie that dropped out of K's hands and is now resting...oh, the life of a dog!


Me.......I also ran 4 miles with hubby. I made a few dozen sugar cookies, which will be put away until next weekend when some people are coming over before the kids' Christmas program. And I too am looking forward to a lazy evening watching a Christmas movie while it snows, snows, snows outside. (By the way.....that SWEET tooth has been the sh$%s to me lately...I made banana cup cakes yesterday and frosted them with a butter and powdered sugar recipe. The good: hubby and I loved the taste. The bad: the kids weren't thrilled with them. The ugly: I later found out the frosting tasted amazing with pretzels. Think I gained a couple pounds right there.)

Til tomorrow...remember take a deep breath....slow down....Jesus wasn't a man with a lot...we shouldn't need a lot either...after all HE IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

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