Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2nd

Do you think I can post daily til Christmas?

I am going to try...or at least do "12" days in a row. (*wink)

Last night hubby and I went to bed...I threw out a few comments of randomness that complimented nicely with some of the activities and conversations that I had or did during my day.
In the end I decided that for 2012 I am going to concentrate on... "Building Up"

or to Build Up....

1. My kids!! (Doesn't matter how big or small any thing they accomplish is awesome...and kids if you are reading this....DON'T Forget it!! Keep trying and give it your best NO MATTER what!)

2. My Hubby...yea, he will tell you I don't do this at all. (Maybe that's from his perspective but...) I think I do it when I make his fav. sugar cookies or one of his fav. chicken meals...just b/c I don't SAY it often with WORDS doesn't mean I am not trying. ;-)

3. ME! Come on People....I need to look at the plus side of me some times too and quit tearing myself down. I really am not that bad. (ha!)

4. My muscles. (enough said.)

5. Our savings account. (hoping the new part time job will kick in with the start of the new year and this will be a possibility)

6. Others. No matter what....compliment others, tell them they did a good job, say they look great, tell them you appreciate them, or surprise someone with a cup of coffee....a little gift...or a note in the mail.

I am sure the list could go on but you get the point! Build Up!!

* I am sitting here typing the dog and Dora are playing...however, I think Dora has almost had enough b/c she went to nip at Frances' ear and Frances jumped back in shock....hilarious! Chock one up for the cat!*

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