Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec. 15...A Heavenly Party...Happy B-day Uncle Dave

Today would have been Uncle Dave's 58th B-day.

However, just a few weeks ago he passed away after a shocking and very unexpected bout with cancer. He had a back ache. He went in around Nov. 1 to get it checked. After many tests, X-rays, and CT scans they figured he had Mestactic cancer in the liver. (that's where cancer originates some where else..loosens...and after traveling through the blood stream ends up in the liver to grow and pretty much kill the body.)

After a few days staying at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Dave came home. Unfortunately, we were hoping for news that he would have to "hit it hard with chemo" and deal with this sickness for a while til he would go into remission....isn't that the way it's suppose to work?

Well, no....not in his case.

He wasn't home more than 2 days and became quite delirious. He went to a local hospital for more tests and another round of CT scans. The cancer has aggressively gotten worse. The doctors consulted with the Mayo doctors.

We waited....and waited.....

The news finally came. It was NOT what we wanted to hear....he was given 2 weeks.

He went home on a Friday night. Set up in his living room with a hospital bed, oxygen, and hospice coming to check in. We visited and cried a lot over the weekend. Hubby and I got some alone time with him Monday afternoon from noon to 2PM approximately. We hope he knew we were there but, not sure.

We later got THE call. THE call we dreaded to receive. THE call we thought would come in a few weeks. THE call that only God knows exactly when it will come.

Dave had died. He took his final breath around 5:15 that same day. Just hours after we left him he left us to be with his mom, dad, lots of aunts and uncles and of course, Jesus.

Today, I am sure he is having one of the best birthdays ever!!!!! He is celebrating with many loved ones and free of pain. We miss you and love you so much.

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