Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dave's Memorial Service ...a Beautiful Tribute!

Klas Field
They ran Dave's records and some stats
during the memorial service
it was wonderful to hear so many lovely tributes to a great man.
A runner, friend, brother, boss, and uncle.

Every body loved Dave!

Some of the guys and Kenzie ran a lap around the track in
honor/memory of Dave.
It was about 27 degrees and a little windy
but a very special moment indeed.

Tom(hubby's brother)
Geoff S. from Vermont (hubby's cousin)
Hubby and Owen
Proudly wearing their "Dave" shirts while they ran.

At O'Gara's after the service.

Enjoying more stories and our time together.
After all our life is but a breath.

Enjoy the day that is given to you today!

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