Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trying to process it all is so hard

Uncle Dave, hubby's oldest brother, has been diagnosed with Mestatic cancer in the liver. It's been the craziest 3 weeks of our lives. He is amazing! He is loved by all but especially by his nieces and nephews. Dave never had any kids of his own but, he has always been a kid at heart. No matter what he did with our kids or others hide and seek with pop cans, play trains, cars and army guys, or tell a great story about his childhood..... the kids enjoyed it all and always craved more "Uncle Dave" time.

This was taken a few summers ago when Owen (our boy) got Uncle Dave to go tubing with him. It was great for both....and calm ....since we were pulling the tube with a pontoon it doesn't go very fast. ;-)
A Christmas pose ...again a few years ago...I must say it has been hard finding photos of Uncle Dave. Maybe its because he was always playing and too busy for a photo opt? Maybe its because we were so engaged with our activities that I didn't think to take a photo? Maybe its because I assumed we would have plenty of opportunities to take more photos...not realizing which time together just MIGHT be the last.
Although, now I realize we don't need a lot of pictures to remember him....after all photos fade, get lost and can be forgotten about if we aren't looking at them.

Memories though, in our mind and in our hearts will last forever!! We will always have those and our Uncle Dave close to us. (However, I am sure my in-laws are getting very excited to share stories once again with their oldest son in fact, it will be a perfect birthday present to his mom whose birthday will be on Dec. 7th)

Now hubby and I are going to visit Dave for what may or may not be the last time. Prayers and Blessings to all who are going through losing a loved one this time of year.

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