Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 101

How to celebrate a Thanksgiving when feeling so thankful and like you have been hit by a hand mixer ...mashed to a yummy potato...and pulled apart like the most moist turkey ever??? After just losing a loved one.

Well, it starts with Cousins!

Our kiddos were so excited to get home and "PLAY!" Yes, be free of sadness for awhile, enjoy some horses, hay and "apple pies" **wink wink** I did not say "cow pies". ;-) Although, we did watch our steps while on the traditional treasure hunt.

Below Kenzie and cousin Marit our pretending to be looking at some thing very surprising.

All the cousins who were present at the time of the photo. (Mr. Dawson....why is your tongue sticking out?)
THEN, have your brother-in-law light a 20x20 pile of rubbish to be marveled by the flames.

Hubby getting ready to throw a year old~dried out~ Christmas tree on the "bonfire".
The brother-in-law behind it all. No dead animals running for their lives, no out of control flames, no body getting hurt just some good ol'fashion warmth while amazed by the power of a simple match.
Grandpa and the girls having a moment while watching the blaze.
And finally,

Team Orange made a visit to my Grandma Muggy. I must say ever since I can remember my mother would always make comments about how much I was like her. We share in our love of ice cream, we have the EXACT same build. (Major pear shapes! Tiny top and big bottoms!) We both have had issues with varicose lucky we are. We both have a little "Stallman attitude" grandma's maiden name is Stallman...and I guess I got that gene too.....the stubborn gene. ;-) And finally, our birthday month...both February babies!

Next year I will be turning 43 and she will turn 94!! Can I get a Woo Hoo for that!!!

Poor hubby may never be free of me if I inherit for genes for living long too...ha!

There you have it ...Thanksgiving 101 from Team Orange...being thankful for what we have AND have not.

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