Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slippin down the sugar slope!

This sucks!

I was on a role...waaay back in October weeks prior to the Monster Dash and prior to Halloween!! In fact, right after Halloween I think I was still on the half marathon high...I didn't eat any candy for 5 DAYS.

That was HUGE for me...really!!

However, the ugly ~ and I mean ugly ~ side of it is that I cannot quit WANTING more candy.

Chocolate, Wendy's Frosty Jr.'s, choc. chips, sugary cereal, peanut butter on a spoon with more choc. you see a pattern?! This sucks!(yes, I said it again!)

I am one week out of going home for Thanksgiving....where we are KNOWN for eating and eating and then eating some more!!! I really have/NEED to have a no sugar week this week ....the pressure of it all just makes me want more chocolate chips. ha!

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