Saturday, November 12, 2011

NO Bowling for us..

We sat down in the bar/lounge at roughly 6:10....YES, i said WE.

We had a change of plans, hubby took the boy to his scouts meeting and I joined the other two couples at 6:00. (He is going to the MN Gopher game today with "the boys" so he will get in his fun time today so it was only fair to allow me a little more fun time last night! Right?!)

We ate and drank. Then ordered another pitcher and yet the time it was 8:30 we thought it felt like 11:00 at least. I guess that's the advantage of starting early. ;-) Hubby finally joined us and minutes after his arrival we all agreed to have ONE more FUN drink with him. I ordered a ROOT BEER BARREL!

Talk about throwing it back to college...haven't had one of those in ages! And I didn't know they make them with RedBull and Root beer schnapps these days. (First mistake) I have never had a Red Bull....I usually don't have any caffeine after dinner for sure or I am up forever!!!!! And I had previously ordered a plate of "Frickles"...deep fried pickles. They were to die for first.....

When I finally got to bed I couldn't sleep, I had heart burn, and gas beyond belief....yes, gross but the Frickles were planting their revenge. I got up twice during the night thinking the time had finally come to release my Frickles and Red Bull ....which end they came out of I didn't care...I just needed it out....BUT it never happened. Just more gas.


I finally fell asleep...however, I continued to toss and turn all night...I feel much better today and I will make myself workout no matter what!!

Cub Scout raingutter regatta news to come tomorrow.....I have pics too!!

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