Friday, November 11, 2011

Couples Bowling tonight..

Although, to be honest, I am not sure how much bowling will actually get done.

We have been trying to schedule an "adult" outing (aka: free from kids asking questions, pulling on clothes, whining, interrupting conversations and finishing all chips/juice/and smore's then asking for more food) ;-) since April 2011!!

Seriously...I know we all have busy lives but this is getting crazy. Then on top of it all ~ once the date was selected I realized I forgot to check the boys' Scouting schedule...sure enough we have a troop meeting tonight too. Complete with pictures, awards, and a rain gutter regatta.


What will we do???? Hubby will be joining the adult group. I will be partaking in the scouting activities with the boy and meeting them later.

Already one other couple has canceled. We are down to two and (a half) couples til I arrive. So now that brings us to the event for the night...BOWLING. Will we be bowling or will we just hang out in the very nice bar for the night eating appetizers and drinking a few "cool ones" (aka: adult beverages!)

Maybe...after enough "cool ones" we will be ready to put our bowling skills to the test? Or we may be ready to head home and to bed! HA! We are getting older people ya never know.....ya just never know!

What I do know is that I will certainly need to exercise on Saturday and it sounds like it may hit 60 degrees here! WooHoo!! May be my last outside run of the season....

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