Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where did the week go?

I try to be a planner. I love lists. I kind of ...believe it or not...freak out when some thing happens that is not scheduled. I like order. I liked controlled chaos. I like it calm. I like it quieter than most.

Yes, these traits often get me into then I try to be flexible. I think I am getting better....

Yet, when hubby called last week and said he had to go to the hospital to be checked for low blood counts I didn't flinch. I really didn't expect biggy...get checked, come home, life goes on.

{did I mention the girls were at horse camp for the week....and I was activity planner for 3 boys...Owen and 2 of his cousins from DL who were staying with us for the week}

Well, life did change...

We got the news...hubby was sick *very sick* and he would be staying in the hospital for a few days.

WHAT #@&!

It's out of my control?

What do I do now?

The kids?

The house?

When should I be at the hospital? When should I get the mail? Phone calls...emails...people need to they don't! I need to sleep...I need to get the boys to DL. I want to tell the girls. WAIT...I don't want the girls to be upset. Guess what ....I am freaking out! What to do?? What to do??

I cannot do any thing but wait. The wait feels like forever...another day in the hospital...things are getting worse. Another day....blood transfusions, steroids, IV's for his spleen, yes, he's still jaundice. Another day...more blood...more steroids, more IV' answers. The hours feel like forever...time to hit the deli! Food...latte's...any thing. ;-)

Finally...a slight improvement. Finally...a big sigh of relief. The 4th blood transfusion is helping. The steroids are helping. We watch and wait....time ...time...time.

It was and is out of my control. I guess that is why I like being at home....I guess I have more control of things around here. {somewhat}

He will continue with outpatient services for about 6 weeks....he is getting more energy daily.

Be happy to feel well...I guess none of us should take our health for granted!


Anonymous said...

What happened! We need to catch up. Sorry life is crazy for you right now!


Anonymous said... sounds like your life has been chaotic! I am praying for Cary and that he recovers good! Miss you lots!


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