Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick recap...

Wow! What a fun weekend!

I cruised up to DL Saturday morning and what an awesome day it was!

The weather was perfect!

We were joined by hubby's siblings and family...even the "Colorado" cousins flew up for a visit.

This was the first time I could remember having the siblings together with family members at the cabin for boating, swimming, eating and swatting of mosquitoes! UGH...those pesky bugs...*Colorado does not have time I say we ALL fly there for a long weekend of long bonfires with out the bites* the poor cousins were not having fun with the critters. ;-(

I have pictures to share but right now I have 3 boys in the basement ...playing very nicely with a gazillion stuffed animals and clone troopers ....but, asking...."When are we going to Lego Land!!" ;-) I guess I better get ready so we get there right as it opens!

Pictures later.....

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