Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's all good.....what the@%!?

Ask any one....if they were around me last summer they probably heard me say "It's aaaaaall good" once, twice or a gazillion times. Whether we were going to a flea market, for a pontoon ride, around a camp fire **being eaten by mosquitoes** or hanging out at home .... I would often end a conversation with the words..."It's all good!"

But was it? Seriously!

Or was it just another way to avoid any further arguments. A way to end the topic for the moment? A way to change the conversation to some thing more pleasing? A way to just be DONE.

Well its funny. I catch myself starting to say it this year and I stop myself. I am not sure if I do this because frankly I too am sick and tired of hearing myself say those 3 words OR if its because maybe it really ISN'T Aaaaaaal GOOD?! Interesting huh?

We spent July 4th in DL. It was fun. We did indeed get eaten by mosquitoes. We got a tad sunburned. We said our Hoo Yaa! to some neighborly fire works and we got little sleep so we {I} got a little crabby. ;-) Go figure. Oh, and I forgot ...the puppy got sick from the lake water....gross stuff came out both ends. We had to have her tied up/ on a leash 100 % of the time after became a bit stressful for me/everyone to say the least.

Kenzie, Frances and I had planned to leave on Tuesday to do a number of things but Kenzie REALLY wanted to stay so I let her. {Yes, maybe I thought the sound of having 3 days ALONE at home sounded wonderful at this point....or maybe I thought "Big deal if she misses her clarinet lesson that we already paid for".....} What ever...she stayed. Frances and I left.

I have called and text the kids....they are having a blast. Turtle hunting, tubing, eating doughnuts for lunch! Per Kenzie, "Mom, we are doing stuff that you would nevvvvver let us do eating doughnuts for lunch!" Yes, she is right. Thus, life is different when with dad verses mom. I don't mind...she will survive....and I am LOVIN' my peace and quiet around the house.

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! How quickly time flies when we are having our "own time".

Note: It's not all peachy around here...Frances has been a very naughty puppy! When I thought she was napping on the floor so sweetly I went up to take a shower. I came down and she was NO where to be found. Finally, I heard her collar jingle. She had gone down the cat door to the basement....ate ALL OF THE CAT food we had out...and pooped!!! You can imagine my fury at that moment.

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