Thursday, June 24, 2010

More teeth issues...


It's Makenzie again....
tEEth and her just don't mix well!!

About 3 weeks ago we had her in to the OrthO.
Before she gets her braces the doctor advised
us that she should really have two teeth pulled
for her others to have room to come forward and down.

{her eye teeth/canines need room to come down
and the two little ones next to her
... or any one's front two teeth...
need to come forward more}

Today was the day...

Our dentist said she was ..
"Her teeth were actually very easy to get out"
"She should have no problems the rest of the day"
...she doesn't know Kenzie...HA!

We got into the van and the tears came~ the tantrum started~
and really the MoTHer of all FITS began!

{loving....I kind of thought she may be possessed
by the laughing gas she received}

After a GooD 30 minute fit ~
which YES, did continue while I gassed up the van~
went in to get a coffee~
and drove home~

With the occasional burst of :
"I am going to Diiiiiiiiiie!!"

It was hard not to laugh...but, of course, I got a tad angry instead.
Then, I took Owen to camp and ran an errand.
I figured she could
vent to the walls of her bedroom ....
instead of my ears.
No, they are not knocking down my door giving me the award for
"Best Mom of the Month"
this month....or any month soon I am sure.

It's now 12:30...she is gauze free.
She ate a sandwich for lunch.
She is fine.

Go Figure....just like the doctor said!

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