Thursday, June 3, 2010


So many celebrations are coming are way!

#1 ~ First we start tomorrow night! We are celebrating hubby's 45 {yes, I said 45th!} birthday early. His actual day is Monday the 7th but the little dude has a baseball game that evening so dinner out is really out. We are going out tomorrow instead! He is thinking Carbonne's or Buffalo Wild Wings..hmmmm...tough choice ...both places are very good!

#2 Nicole is having a "late" celebration with her friends at AnOTheR friends house. Her and her friend are actually celebrating together. They invited some girls for a sleep over~games~food and fun. She {the other girl} wanted to have them over at her house so I kind of lucked out of the mess and noise. HA! I would have loved it but this year I got a free pass. I will be heading to the party with Coley though to take pictures and help out where needed during the first few hours. Maybe a glass of wine for me too??? ;-)

#3 and #4 Owen is going to TWO yes 2 birthday parties this weekend!!! He is psyched. What 7 year old doesn't enjoy a birthday party or any party for that matter?

Since every one sounds busy you are probably wondering about little miss Kenzie.....don't worry that girl has already asked to have a friend over and she is looking forward to the last day of school when she gets to go to a Birthday party sleepover herself! YES...its time!!

That's about it...our last day of school for Team Orange is next Thursday the 10th. What better way to kick off summer than for hubby and I to go to the TWINS game next Friday night the 11th!! Can we say, "Hip, Hip Hooray for Summer Vacation?!" You Bet!!

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The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

WOW! I didnt know you and your hubby were soooo old!! hahahaha Just kidding!!! SOunds like fun at your house!! Maybe we can have a GNO for some wine or margahritas!!! Miss ya!
Ps. i love the dogs name!

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