Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes, I am officially crazie!!!

how do you handle it?

Some drink or eat,
others may sleep day in and day out
still other may leave and take a vacation for a while to escape.


I went out and bought a new dog!

Welcome Joe!
{after Joe Maurer and Joe Nathan of the TWINS}
He is a stray from the humane society.
He's 4 years and 2months old...supposedly
He's a black lab/retriever mix
biggest obstacle so far ....
Joe meets Jackie and Dora!!

We are thinking Joe may have eaten small animals that
move quickly while he was a stray b/c he does get a bit
excited when the cats run or jump.
When they sleep it is no big deal for him.

I am not sure if he has EVER lived in a house before.
He jumps/shifts/ perks up at every new noise he hears...
the sump{?} pump
the squeak on the sliding glass door
the washer/dryer
the microwave beep

the kids playing in the garage
{sorry...get use to it Joe its loud around here ;-)

It's like having a new baby in the house
or at the least a toddler.
I am "doggie" proofing things and
can't leave him alone too long.

What did I do? HA! HA!


Susie and Marly said...

Cute adddition to the family. Hope Joe is planning a trip to the lake.

Anonymous said...

You are crazy! From your friend the pet hater.

KJ said...

Hey pet hater...I may be with you...Joe tends to think Dora is a large rabbit and he almost dug up a bush in back...he may not be staying long. ;-(

Anonymous said...

Oh,, Joe is so cute how can you not give him a chance. Would love to meet him soon. KE.

Marie and her life said...

Congrats! Yeah you are crazy...ha ha ha. I want an English bulldog and jeff said NO, imagine that?

Levine said...

I appreciate your guidelines. It’s nice information for us.

How have you been spending your time???

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