Monday, May 17, 2010

this month is flying~

It's already the 17th? What? Next week Nicole turns 13 and I {we} haven't done any thing for her yet. She is going to the TWINS game with dad on Friday. The weather looks to be beautiful, they plan to get to the field early and stay until the last out in the 9th inning ~ hopefully the TWINS will bring Nicole a winning game on her birthday weekend. ;-)

What else is new?

We got our new boat over the weekend. New to us but old in years ...I think its a 1991? Not sure though..hubby was like a kid in a candy store checking it out and taking it for a test "drive" on the road~ we talked about actually putting it in the water but the day got away from us and the kids got cranky...I bet he will get out one day this week.

I got a cold/respiratory infection. I had the sore throat/cold/congestion for a few days and then I developed an "ouchy" cough. The kind that feels like you are scraping your chest with a knife when you cough. Last night it started loosening...I barely slept and by 12:38 hubby decided to sleep in another area so that he could get some sleep~ lots of green/yellowish stuff coming up and out..LOVELY I know...just thought you would want to know ExAcTlY what is going on with me.

Joe has been here a week now. Its had its ups and downs. He has dug some holes in the back yard. He gets VERY jealous when I hold a cat...he tolerates the cats walking around him but as soon as I pick one up he gets jumpy and looks as though he could lunge at it. He has accepted hubby's pats, and affirmations on occasion but more often than not he still growls a low growl at him. {hubby ..for obvious reasons doesn't like this...from what I have read they can be trained to get over this ~SoMeTiMeS ~ do we have the time and money to invest in obedience classes?} Not sure at this point....I have come to the realization that I may have jumped the gun and bought too quickly after Rosie's passing. At this point I am not 100% sure Joe will be staying.

On another note...........Nicole has a golf meet tonight and her golf season will be over next Monday. Makenzie has her last track practice tonight and last meet on Saturday. She has been doing great with her longer runs and relay races. I would love to see her really enjoy running and want to get better and better I {we} think her long legs definitely have the potential for it.
Owen's baseball was canceled all last week due to rain and wet fields. This week looks great for his games.....he has been enjoying it and wearing his first "nut cup" too! LOL! ;-)

Have a great Monday...I hope none of you get this spring cold that I got. :-)

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