Thursday, May 20, 2010

short and sweet landing

We had nothing on the calendar last night so we decided to take the boat out for its first official Team Orange landing. We did just fine on entering that the terminology? ...ya, I don't think so but what ever .... we got the boat off the trailer and into the water without any one getting hurt or any thing breaking. Hubby got the boat started and we were off. We putted along for about half an hour and decided to go in. UGH! The wait at the launch was interesting. The patience were being tested. The kids were BuGgiNg each other for no apparent reason......OK..Makenzie and Owen were bugging each other for no apparent reason.

Finally, it was our turn. It seemed to be a little hard to pull up but we got it and as hubby drove up the boat was TOTALLY lop-sided!! A typical sight for newbies I would imagine. By now there are 4 others waiting to launch their boats and we have to reverse to start all over again. We do. The second time is a charm and we are headed home. Thank goodness! ;-)

I cannot imagine what a REALLY busy weekend day/night would be like trying to get in and out of the boat launch area. And the waiting in lines either way. That could become a bit frustrating. We may be leaving it at the cabin more and heading north more often that we thought. But ya never know ??!! ;-)

Regarding the dog:
In case you hadn't heard we decided to return Joe. It was hard but it was the right decision for the family. We will look for a smaller dog once school is out. No impulse buys....we will purchase only and IF only it is the right one!!

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