Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pictures are more than words...

Her name is Frances.

She was from Safe Hands Animal Rescue.
Want to donate?
Check out

She is 10-12 weeks old.
We are in the midst of puppy life...
house training ;-(
chasing cats
learning more each minute.

She is adorable when sleeping...ha!

She is adorable always and we will
be keeping this one for sure!


Fozziebear said...

Now THAT is a cute puppy!!! You may have to put up with some sleepless nights, a little slobber in the shoes, and an occasional 'surprise' under the bed now and then, but it'll be worth it!! (you got the same things when you had children, but you kept them - right? :)

We can't wait to see 'all' of the Teagues up north this summer!! :):)

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

OMG!! that make me what to get a dog!!! So cute! She needs a different name tho!!

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