Thursday, May 6, 2010

My apologies

go out to every family who has ever lost a pet.

I had NO idea the emotions you felt
and I mean that with ALL sincerity.

We knew Rosie was not doing well
but her check up this morning confirmed it.

The doctor checked her over and with in minutes decided
putting her to sleep would be the best thing for her.

We are sad.

But we will get better.
She is gone
but will NOT be forgotten.



Fozziebear said...

Cary just told me the sad news and I had to just send my condolences to you and the family. I know our boys cried when we lost Sadie. I know you feel you lost a family member, but every dog has it's day and 'all dogs go to heaven' as the movie goes. Keep her memories close and not forgotten.

susie said...

sorry to hear that.

Sally said...

Sorry to hear about Rosie! She was a very good dog. Always had to be there where the action was.

Anonymous said...

We will miss you Rosie!
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