Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's new with YoU?

Is it your birthday like Uncle Tom in Colorado?

Are you working A LOT of meetings lately like a certain hubby ~ for a certain city ~to take care of a very appreciative family? ;-)

Are you golfing on this beautiful, sunny April day ~ like a certain 7th grader?

Are you just so VeRy THRILLED about a clarinet that you can hardly stand it ~ like a 4th grader who will be renting the instrument next week and taking summer band lessons for the VeRy first time in her life?

Are you counting down the days til your 7th birthday ~ a family trip to the Mall Of America ~ and a day to pick out what ever you want at Lego Land since it is YouR birthday?


Are you relaxing ~ before you get to attend a 4 hour First Aid review course ~ tomorrow at the Y?

Hmmmmm....what's new with you?


The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Sorry about missing that walk to Caribou! We do need to get together and catch up!!!

dawson said...


Anonymous said...

hi nicole and makenzie and owen

ethan said...


KJ said...

Thanks for the comments guys! Love to hear from the boys!