Saturday, April 3, 2010

Target Field!!!!

So much has gone on over this Spring Break...where to start?

I guess I will start with the most current...The TWINS {exhibition} GAME...last night.

*It was cool with a wind {I know "NO Complaining" but I did wish I had on another layer of clothes}

*We waited thru 2 1/2 innings to get a "Dinger Dog" {their version of a foot long} There were TV's everywhere but I must admit they need to speed up service or there will be complaints a plenty!

*The seats were fine...comfortable as best they can be...the views were complaints there {even though we were as high as one could just about be}...and the JUMBO~TRON TV in HD *I think* was AWESOME!

*The bathrooms only had towel dispensers to wipe your hands on one side of the lavatory??? WHAT? So we went in one side, found a stall, came out ~ washed our hands, and instead of going to our right to dry and leave such facilities we had to go back to our left {the way we entered} to get our paper towel. {Meanwhile bumping into others who were just entering the "facilities" and then turn around and go out the other side again to avoid hitting the people}
Now maybe they meant for us to enter in the other side but nothing was marked and every one seemed to do what I did ~ pretty humorous ~I'm just saying~;-)

In case you are wondering HUBBY said the men's bathroom ran smoother but had VERY HOT water coming out of the faucet. I guess every one was quickly pulling out their hands from the water as it turned on.

* We took the light rail down and back...VERY packed..."Like sardines" as the saying goes...on the way down... but easy peasy on the way back.

* Nicole and hubby just left for today's game. {He scored tickets from a co-worker who couldn't use theirs...Nicole was thrilled!}

Final score A of course...I wouldn't score them any less. It's a new field. There is always going to be things to fix, work on, or make better. The people were very friendly and we can't wait for warmer weather to go again!

More spring break news coming I have to get back to my kitchen! ;-)

**UPDATE** Nicole texted me...their seats were in section 120 {right about 3rd base} ROW 4!!! Seriously!! How's that for being LuCkY!! HA! I get the wind, chilled, and just about the top row she gets a gentle breeze, the sun {wishing she had put on sun screen} and a great view! Oh, and a win for the TWINS!!!

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Julie said...

Awesome, sounds like FUN! Our whole gang went to Fargo today for some shopping. First stop Home Depot, we purchased new knobs for our cupboard doors. Next stop Scheels for Dad to get some new duds for his LV trip! We saw Jenny (Boo Boos) Jenny and her little guy. Had a nice chat. Space Aliens for lunch and off to Gordman's, Old Navy, and the Mall. Phew, back home to make some goodies for tomorrow and color easter eggs. Great day! Enjoy your Easter tomorrow!

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