Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday's scarf

I was going to post about this beautiful
weekend we are enjoying. Then
I got a glimpse of Owen. Wearing
his blankie as his scarf. Waiting
for breakfast and playing his Nintendo.

I guess our house felt cold to him this morning.
He was very content and comfortable with it in its place.

Here's hoping you find a content place
this pleasant Sunday morning.


Julie said...

Yes! Today is picture perfect. Dana is staining the deck and the boys are playing legos on the deck giving Dad many suggestions as he stains. Marly spent the night last night and she's watching me type. Caleb and Marly had been building a bon fire all morning and they smell like they've been camping for days. Oh, the smells of summer! Enjoy the day!

Marly said...

Hi Nicole and Makenzie!!!

Caleb, Dawson, Ethan said...

Hi to Ownen too!!!

Anonymous said...

These pictures put a big smile on my face :) He is just so cute!

How have you been spending your time???

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