Tuesday, April 6, 2010

still catching up

Yes, I am still working back wards to catch up with
some Spring Break photos.
These were taken of the gang while at the water park.

taking a break from swimming to enjoy some food

they are actually side by side smiling...
{of course, Nicole wanted no part of putting her arm around her sister}

We had a fun night at the hotel!
Our friends {the Erickson's} joined us at the water park too!
It's always nice to get away whether for one night or two
traveling 40 miles or 400!
We are already looking forward to our next over night.
We are joining my family in Mid-MN for a gathering around my
dad's birthday!! Should be fun, loud, and HAPPY!
{for the Birthday BOY especially}


The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Super Jealous!! I want a family getaway! I love that Nicole didnt want to put her arm around her sister....it means your family is NOT perfect! hahahahahah! Even though I still think your family is perfect! Love and Miss ya!!

Kristen @ Moms Sharpening Moms said...

What sweet, sweet babies you have! :)

We also enjoy doing family mini vacations, even if they are just at a local hotel. It's fun to play tourist no matter where you live!

Have a beautiful day!

Marie and her life said...

Fun to see your photos!

How have you been spending your time???

 We were in Iowa recently with our swimmer dude and a few of his swimmer friends.  This Hawkeye happen to be hanging around the pool so ...