Sunday, April 25, 2010

MOA with a certain 7 year old to be...

Hello from Lego Land!

Owen was in Lego heaven....
he and Kenzie are picking out there own pieces to make
their "special" Lego people.

Then we were off to Game Stop.
{sorry no pic}
He picked out a new Nintendo DS game
and a
new Super Mario Wii game.

We are waiting patiently for our food from
The Rainforest Cafe.

{Owen wasn't so sure of the thunder storm effects
but he soon got use to them}

He was waaaaaay more excited about the birthday celebrations going on around us then the storms any way. He kept seeing the workers bring sundaes and volcano sparkler desserts to those kids having a birthday. And of course the singing...we can't forget the singing...Nicole wasn't so much into it but Owen was loving it. He was/is the birthday boy after all. :-)

Once we finished eating our food and
after Owen received his birthday sundae and song
who do you think came walking around the corner?

Mr. Tree Frog!
He sat down with the kids for this awesome photo!
Owen thought it was great!!

Then the balloon boy came up to him and asked him
if he wanted a birthday hat or some thing else.

{giving hubby and I the plug about his upcoming mission
trip that he and his co-worker are going on in a few months}

* hint*
this means please give me a nice tip
for the balloon toy I am making for your son
but don't be mad if it pops the second you leave
the restaurant!

Ta Da!
He asked for a balloon sword.
Team Orange colors of course.
{for those of you wondering ......
no, it hasn't popped yet
and sorry all I had was $3 cash so
that was his tip}

To think there are
still 2 days until
his birthday
on Tuesday!
crazy huh?

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Marie and her life said...

A few years ago I took Noah to Legoland in Denmark, and he still talks about it! It was sooooo cool. Legos come from Denmark. Now when we are going home to Sweden this summer Noah wants to go back there.

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