Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Owen!

{and I am sure you all agree..ha!}

Owen's favorite meal ever?
Bear Pancakes from Perkins....
really has little to do with the pancakes
and more to do with the chocolate chips
but hubby figured he could whip up some at home
for the birthday boy on his special morning!

Looks good!

The pancakes were a hit!
His "I am ready to eat this bear" face is on.
and as always
some one has to be doing some thing in the back ground
of a picture.....leave it to Kenzie!
{the girl takes after her mom in this area}
no comments grandma...ha!

The last presents from grandma and grandpa were opened.
More Star Wars legos...

He also got some cool summer tanks, flip flops and money!
Thanks G & G for making his day very special...


Fozziebear said...

Happy Birthday Owen!!!! Hope you have an awesome day today!!!

your cousins up in the woods all wish you a great day also!! :o)

Sally said...

Happy Birthday Owen

engums said...

Happy 6th birthday Owen
Looks like your day is starting out great.
Love the Engums

KJ said...

Hey Nancy...He's 7! HA! ;-)

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

WOW...Hubby cooked those pancakes like a pro!!!! I want some! Happy Birthday Owen!!!!! Your day looks amazing!!

Marie and her life said...

HE is so big and handsome! Happy Birthday!

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