Thursday, April 15, 2010

good news/ bad news

As always there are the ups ~good news~ and downs *bad news* to life. {*yea, didn't I just have a post about that a few days ago} Anyway~ we went to the TWINS game yesterday! It was so much fun and that is the truth...even if the rain did fall!!

Oh, and this good news/ bad news is all really pretty GooD in the grand scheme of life and NeWs!

The day started out hot ...actually sweaty... as we walked to Target Field from our parking ramp. People were commenting how "glad" they were they didn't bring their jackets. *HA! We all know what happened later*

I forgot my camera...ugh! of the few games the WhOlE family would be at together and I forgot my camera. Oh well, Kenzie (our family video~photographer ;-)brought hers. {Too bad I tried for about 30 minutes to figure out how to down load her photos and I STILL cannot do it!!} photos to share of our day!

Our tickets. Three were in the grandstand and the other two were our "regular" season seats. Before the game started we all checked out both views. We thought the grandstand seemed kind of fun. So close to the out field and all. The other seats are in section 319 {for those of you who want to check it out further}. They are on the third base line, a perfect view into the Twins dug out, a great view of the down town sky line and an AWESOME view of the Jumbo Tron. OH! and Owen's favorite attraction....the 2 guys who shake hands during Home Runs....Owen thinks they are great. Yes, the seats are a little high but well worth will see why soon!

Kenzie and I were in section 319 while hubby took the other two to the Grandstand. We were going to switch around the 4th inning. that when the clouds moved in? Hmmmm....all of a sudden we noticed people running out of the REAL expensive seats BeHind the dug out....Hmmmmm.....I get a text from says, "We are getting soaked!!" "How wet are you guys?"

{I showed Kenzie the text and almost instantly we both say..."Is it raining?" LOL!!}

Our seats * and all the higher seats* are under the canopy/the top edge that holds the lights around the stadium. The rain poured straight down and we didn't feel a thing. We didn't get one drop on us. It didn't rain long but long enough for some. HA! Oops didn't mean to laugh but the people around us ...who happen to have had one too many $7 beers...were laughing, and shouting certain jokes about the "cheap seats being great and having built in umbrellas". It was funny!

It did rain off and on...nothing major or they would have called a stop to the game.

Ponchos were purchased and umbrellas were put up. We wished we had an extra sweatshirt b/c it got kind of chilly for a bit {and I bet that man who made that comment about not bringing his jacket was really wishing he had} but it didn't last long.

Some ~not so die hard fans~ eventually left and hubby and the troops all moved over to our section once some seats opened up. We stayed until the end and hoped for a final rally from the TWINS but it never came.

That's was great...we can't wait to go again and I will bring MY camera next time.

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Bonnie Gray said...

So, Kathy... you are a sports fan! ... rain, ponchos, $7 beer laughter...

Sounds like it was AWESOME! :)

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