Tuesday, April 20, 2010

golf, track and baseball {soon}

Some families are very busy with activities and sports
all year long. We are not one of those families.
We really don't have a whole lot going on until now!

Now we run.
{Literally...Kenzie is in track}

We golf.
{Nicole is on the golf team}
And we ALL enjoy getting to the driving range
to "WhAcK" a few balls.
Or to the putting green
to "TeSt" our patience.

Here is a picture of Nicole and 2 of her friends
during their first match Monday night.
It was kind of windy and a "hard" course
as golf courses go
but they had fun and
didn't even complain about the
HOUR bus ride.

Is a picture I snapped of Kenzie and her friend
after track practice.
They are pink this year!
Very cute girls....

since baseball for Owen doesn't officially start until next week
I don't have any new pictures of him to post yet.
So, what is this a picture of ......

MY Lunch today!

I have always said I will eat just about any thing
as long as it doesn't have legs and isn't moving.
Any way, this was my combination of left overs...
*sour kraut
* and some juice from the jar of green olives

about a minute in the microwave and
I was a little nervous to taste it but it was actually

If I ever invite you over for lunch beware
you may just get this.

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The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

WOW! Your family is so amazing! I see where they get your love for life! I love the pink shirts!!! What fu it looks like that your girls are having!! Ps. That lunch looked gross! Just saying!

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