Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Excited! You Bet!

We ArE GoInG To
GaMe ToMoRRoW!!
{Wed., April 14th}

It starts at 12:10...but of course we are going down early.
The kids get a day off of school and they
are acting like tonight is a Friday night.
To say they are "PumPed Up" is an understatement.

With the new OUTDOOR stadium we find our selves
checking the local weather.com
Waaay more often.
Not that we have any control over the weather
or a bad forecast would keep us away but,
we so
for the 72 degrees
they are currently predicting
the chance of PM Thunderstorms
they are talking about too.

We will hope for the best but
take what ever comes our way.
Because we are Minnesotans
and ready to play!

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